Photo-shoot for Groups J-10, M-10, S-10.

Dolce Vita invites you for your first photo-shoot on October 16, Saturday 2021.

Groups: J-10, M-10, S-10

Date:  October 16, 2021

Time: 12pm-2pm

The photo-shoot will be a catalog style. The backdrop will be white or black.

Dress code: simple clothing with no words/slogans. Neat hair, light makeup is allowed. The photographer will ask to show different emotions, take close up and full body photos.

Photographer: Elizabeth Scott

Address: 11 Broadway, 4th floor, suite 400, New York, 10004, NY

Take with you: clean shoes, bottle of water, face mask, and positive energy :)

In case you have an emergency and can't attend please immediately let us know by calling our office at: 916-767-37-98
We will reschedule you to the next available date.

Thank you!

See you Saturday!


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