Our curriculum


We will help you improve your communication skills and educate you on how to properly present yourself


You'll learn techniques that will be very useful not only on stage but in everyday life as well


You will be able to dance or move in a smooth and easy manner


Our lessons will teach you how to apply make-up flawlessly, analyze current trends, and employ cutting-edge techniques


We'll show you how to look amazing in any setting

Runway walk

Our practical runway classes will have you walking like a professional model

Healthy eating

Our students study the human body's requirements as well as the effects of minerals and vitamins on its operations


We emphasize the necessity of knowing how to introduce individuals and what a person's body language says about them


Our team

Olga Gordiychuk

Teacher of acting

Actress in film and theater. Education — Ekaterinburg State Theatre Institute. Olga is a film and television actress who also does theater and voice work. Laureate of the Saint Petersburg Playwrights Guild.

Marcus Estrada

Acting Instructor

Marcus has been working in television, film and theater for over 20 years. He has appeared on such programs as “The Tonight Show” and “Chappelle’s Show.” Studied theater, film and acting technique with Vincent D’Onofrio, David Vadim and Thomas G. Waites Currently coaching performers and actors of all ages privately and in open classes since 2004.

Oxana Federova

Online Runway Walk Instructor

Russian TV anchor, winner of the Miss St. Petersburg, Miss Russia and Miss Universe contests. Philanthropist, fashion model, actress and singer.

Alisa Grebenshchikova

Online Acting Instructor

Russian theater, film and dubbing actress, TV anchor.

Andrey Noskov

Online Acting Instructor

Russian theater and film actor, movie director.

Tatiana Volosozhar

Online Instructor

Olympic champion. Russian figure skater who won two gold medals at the 2014 Sochi Olympics paired with Maxim Trankov. With him, she became the European champion four times, twice was the silver medalist of the world championships, once she took the highest step of the podium. Participant of large-scale ice shows "Romeo and Juliet", "Alice in Wonderland" and others. In 2019, she opened a Figure Skating Center in Moscow with her own coaching methodology. Russian viewers appreciated Tatyana's excellent performances and professionalism, watching her acting and skating in the Ice Age 2020 show project.

Clara Francesca

Acting Instructor

Clara Francesca is the Philosopher of the Heart making Art. An award-winning artist, director, & speech coach, Clara's passion is unlocking the individual's authentic voice with a genuine curiosity for investigating what it truly means to co-exist in such a diverse world. Clara’s practice has always been driven by a sense of responsibility to sustainability and a deep dedication to conscionable conduct through equitable work practices, and final pieces of art. Clara continues to create digital and non-digital invigorating art, theater, exhibitions and music as a solo artist, TV/Film actress, Voice Over specialist and as a member of multiple New York ensembles.

Davon Chandler

Photo and Video Posing Instructor

Davon has been working in photography for over 15 years, He produced and directed photo shoot and videography for commercial projects, brand content and fashion shoots. .

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