Our make-up course was designed primarily to educate models on the practical abilities of professional makeup in a short period of time. These talents are required if you want to be a model and attain real success. A skilled makeup artist prepares popular and well-paid top models for photography, but before the first major exhibition or serious shooting, you must participate in hundreds of training photoshoots and take thousands of images. A good makeup artist does not charge a lot of money for their services. As a result, at first, self-applying cosmetics are the ideal option for the model. Our make-up course will teach you how to master a variety of important make-up methods that you may use on yourself or others to enhance their attractive traits, conceal minor flaws in their appearance, or express yourself creatively.


This course will teach you how to:

— Pick your tools carefully, take good care of them, and understand how to utilize them to get the best outcomes;

— Enhance highlights and shadows to add depth to the face and give it a sculpted appearance;

— While choosing colors for make-up, use color theory ideas when working with others;

— Stay on top of what's hot and what's not;

— Use varied foundation textures to make skin look flawless;

— Enhance the beauty of your brows by shaping them;

— Correct eye forms and employ a variety of eye make-up techniques to highlight the most attractive elements of the face;

— Experiment with different lip textures to make them stand out or blend in, making eyes appear even more expressive.

— Create or choose your own style.

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