Since 2015, Dolce Vita has been the largest international network of modeling and acting schools. We operate in the biggest cities of Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk), Belarus (Minsk), Kazakhstan (Almaty, Nur-Sultan), Uzbekistan (Tashkent), France (Paris), and starting this summer in the United States (New York).

Our organization is prominent modeling and acting school focused on revealing inner beauty. The essence of our mission is to impart creative skills to our students and educate them in different spheres such as acting, modeling, photo posing, dancing, psychology, etiquette, and style. We don't consider your age or skin tone. We take pride in our work and gradually introduce you to the world of fashion and beauty.

We work closely with fashion designers, stylists, photographers, and actors from domestic and international entertainment industries, well-known magazines, television shows, and film studios.


We collaborate with well-known figures such as Oksana Fedorova, Nikolai Valuev, Sergey Selin, Andrey Lebedev, Evelina Bledans, Andrey Noskov, Vyacheslav Zaitsev, and others.


Twice a year, we host celebrity masterclasses exclusively for our students and their parents.


In 2019 we started a one-of-a-kind show called BAMBINO FASHION WEEK, which is a large-scale fashion event that brings together brilliant students, designers, fashion industry professionals, and showbiz celebrities. 

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Among our projects, we have the television reality show DOLCE VITA BATTLE, in which our students and alumni compete for the title of best and most gifted.

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In addition, we publish our own magazine, DOLCE VITA FASHION, which includes the most recent news from the world of fashion and beauty, as well as photoshoots of our models and school updates!

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We have also developed our online training curriculum, which has been utilized for years in regions where practical sessions aren't available. To provide the most effective education for our pupils, we only hire the best specialists with an excellent reputation.

More information about the program: http://dv-model.ru/online



Dolce Vita invites you to take part in a casting call for students aged 4 to 18 who want to join our school.

Enrolling in a model school is never too late! Even though you appear to be missing the model's parameters, this is not a barrier to training and becoming a better version of yourself!

You will gain essential knowledge from your training at the Dolce Vita model school, which you will be able to use in any circumstance in your life, whether or not you want to work in the fashion industry.

You will study the following disciplines at school:

- Scenic speech

- Runway walk

- Acting

- Choreography

- Make-up

- Style

- Podium step

- Nutrition culture

- Etiquette

- Psychology

- Photo posing

- Podium plastic


The training course lasts 4.5 months (2 lessons per week) or 9 months (1 lesson per week).

Each student will participate in a fashion show, walk the catwalk, and receive a graduation diploma.

We continue to work with our models throughout and after training by inviting them to castings for fashion shows, films, and other exciting and relevant events in the city.


Join us on our ongoing casting call and begin a new career as a model or actress!

Click “APPLY”, fill out the application and one of our agents will contact you with all of the necessary information!



We are confident that the months ahead will be the happiest of your life!

International Network of Modeling & Acting Schools “Dolce Vita”



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