Nowadays, psychology is a very significant subject that is necessary for a better understanding of ourselves and others. Having a deeper knowledge will benefit us in many aspects of our lives, including job, personal life, and relationships.


The following topics will be covered in our psychology class:

— Confident behavior; 

— Self-presentation;

— Emotional control; 

— Enhancement of creative abilities.


During the course, we will work on the following skills:

— Communicative competence: the development of communication abilities. Relationships, first impressions, nonverbal behavior norms, active listening rules, the ability to handle disagreements successfully, rhetoric;

— Emotion management skills: the ability to control your actions and express intense emotions appropriately, as well as self-control;

— Confident behavior skills: self-confidence building, positive self-esteem building, the difference between confidence and aggression; 

— Capacity to think creatively: imagination development, contrarian thinking development, and the ability to apply a variety of strategies to come up with novel ideas.

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