In our model school, one of the basic disciplines of our course is photo posing class. This is the entire art of a person's internal state interacting with his physical body.

Photo posing is one of the few sorts of creative work that displays the best qualities of a person's personality. Young models develop the artistic ability, work on postures, facial expressions, movements, and eyes, they learn how to freely express their emotions in front of a camer which results in live, emotional photos. They also learn how to move around in the frame, be self-assured, and overcome shyness and tension.

Children learn theory and have the ability to express their feelings during photo posing lessons. The most important aspect is that each lesson is focused on the child posing in front of the camera, which is beneficial for the body and also helps to build imagination. Each of our srudents has the opportunity to practice and solidify newly acquired skills in the context of a regular session, as well as to observe and discuss the frames from the classes with the teacher.

In the final lesson on photo posing, the students will show their acquired posing skills, which include the ability to choose the appropriate perspective and stance while considering the most expressive features of their look. By the end of the course, our kids will be able to professionally pose for any type of shooting and confidently work in front of camera.

All of the images from the course are displayed in the photo archive on our school's website, where you can download them for free.


Young models will study the following during their training:

 - Acting as a professional model in front of the camera

- Emphasize merits while concealing flaws

- Maintain emotional control and management in the frame

- Determine the optimal perspective and advantageous poses for you.

- Overcome your fear of being photographed

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