Runway walk

The gait is an important component in creating a unique impression!

A fashion show or a podium step is the ability to beautifully and elegantly represent your distinct "I." The art of fashion shows is intended to aid in the development of the body's plasticity and flexibility, as well as to provide a graceful stride in everyday motions.

Emotional emancipation, absolute muscle freedom, ease and confidence in working with one's own body, bold mastery of physical skills, removal of clamps, and relief of insecurity and fear are the key goals of the "podium step" discipline. Our lessons are designed to find, develop, and execute each student's unique creative qualities via the use of a variety of skills such as dancing, defiling, and staying on stage/platform.

After completing the podium step, correct posture is formed; gait becomes more free; coordination, plastic art, creative imagination, fantasy, artistic abilities, catwalk poses, and turns are developed; understanding is gained on how to exhibit clothing with dancing aspects, tune in to success, and reveal one's unique image.

In general, classes will assist you in developing an artistic taste, improving your health, comprehending and developing your body's physical potential, and revealing your "I" through exquisite manners movements. The "Podium Step" is a basic discipline that must be completed to acquire a model certificate. You'll learn to keep your back straight and lovely, and you'll get a sense of the beat. The model’s step must match the beat of the music: as the music speeds up, the gait should speed up as well, and vice versa. This lesson is part of the foundational course for earning a model certificate.

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